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Our 3DSTT or 3DS TT card can work on the latest 3DS(XL) V6.3.0-12U/12E/12J, V6.2.0-12U/12E/12J & DSi V1.4.5. It can also work on the lower versions, such as 3DS V,6.1.0, V6.0.0, V5.1.0, V4.5.0 etc.. With its dual-core feature, it can easily bypass the firmware upgrade of the 3DS/DSi/NDSL.

3DSTT Download:

3DS V6.2.0 Upgrade Package Download

3DSTT Kernel Download 

3DSTT Official site:

Boot automatically reset to the previously selected game or application.
Support sleep mode, to extend the standby time.
Multi-language interface, the decision by the kernel can be set directly on the DS console replacement.
Humanized operation interface, easy to use, easy to operate.
immediately prompt window.
Game Compatibility: 100%.
need to brush machine, built-in guide function that can guide the GBA side burn card.
support high-speed large-capacity microSDHC memory card (4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB).
unique hardware high-speed transmission, supporting any TF card speed of the game without delay.
Direct support for FAT16, FAT32, and computers, mobile phones, cameras, PDA communication without boundaries.
CleanROM support, no PC software, you can directly copy the game load faster.
Support NDS and IDS game, IDS game can run on any host.
Save directly to TF card, do not need to backup and recovery.
Automatically recognize the new game save type to update the database.
Power design, depending on the application of different best mode automatically.
Dual graphical interface, thumbnails and the game title shows, full keypad and touch support.
Simple and clear, one-button operation, without any setup or adjustment.
Support change the interface background.
Support brightness adjustment function.
Support soft reset.
Support AR cheat code.

How to set up 3DSTT for 3DS/DSi/NDSL
1.Go to its official site and download the latest kernel.
2.Unzip and copy the files to the root of microSD card.
3.Copy the game files to the root of microSD card.,insert the microSD card to the 3dstt card,and it can work .

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