Since annouced a clone Acekard 2i card on Jan 25th, 2011. Acekard 2i card users are wondering where they can find the detailed comparision between Fake Acekard 2i card and Genuine Acekard 2i card. Here we collected a fake Acekard 2i sample and have a comparision below. Acekard 2i Front Panel Difference Users can tell the differences below. (1) […]

Nintendo 3DS Abstract from Nintendo Conference Sep 29th, 2010 “Carry Around, Affect Each Other and Something New Every Day.” * Color Launched Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black * Launched Date February 26th, 2011 in Japan U.S., Europe and Australia, March 2011 Overseas subsidiaries make their own announcements on price and launch date Conference Abstract * Two Screens Upper screen is a […]

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