When design the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung said that it once thought about how to make people live a better life? And it will try to design a phone which can be a good companion with people. Even though Samsung Galaxy S4 has caught a lot of attention, there are some drawbacks exists. Square Trade […]

Ace 3DS Plus official site released its new wood firmware V1.58 and AOS V2.10 at the same time on April 26th. Ace 3DS Plus Wood firmware V1.58 Change Log: core: – fatfs updated to 0.09b. compatibility: – sound fixed after exit from gameyob. – ‘cooking mama world combo pack vol. 2 (europe)’ fixed. As for the […]

R-SIM 8 card is used for unlocking the SIM card of iPhone5/iPhone4S. It is compatible with IOS 5.0/5.01/5.11/6.0/6.01/6.12/6.13 and all kinds of 3G or 4G SIM cards and Networks. There is no need for jailbreak, dongle or IMEI. What’s more, R-SIM 8 card is easier to use compared with other SIM Unlock cards. Without the […]

The  flash card, R4i gold 3DS, becomes a popular one owe to its frequent firmware updates. For now, its latest firmware R4 V1.58 has been released. Change log (WOOD R4 V1.58): Core: – fatfs updated to 0.09b. Compatibility: – sound fixed after exit from gameyob. – ‘cooking mama world combo pack vol. 2 (europe)’ fixed. […]

R4iSDHC team updates the kernel of R4iSDHC Dual-Core Card to Wood V1.52.  For those who have R4iSDHC Dual-Core Card, you can download from its official site: http://www.r4isdhc.com.  As before, its game compatibility has also improved. Players can enjoy more games now! New game list: 6170 – The Croods Prehistoric Party (E) 6169 – Zhu Zhu Babies (E) […]

2013 R4i-Gold Pro can work perfectly on the latest 3DS 5.1.0-11 without needing any update. Now another news comes. Its official site said that WOOD R4i V1.52 Released. Great, we can play more games now! New game list: Pokemon White Version (All Regions) Pokemon Black Version (All Regions) 6170 – The Croods Prehistoric Party (E) […]

Nintendo has confirmed that the new 3DS Nintendo Direct Broadcasts is coming on April 17th. Europe and North America broadcasts Credit union online will run at simultaneous times. The Broadcast times are as below: 3pm in the UK 7am PST 10am EST We will also expect more releases or suprises. Will there be more New Leaf […]

It’s magic product , MagBrick – Extended Universal Pocket Power , has been on sales for global market now. Firstly,Let’s start to learn something about them. Official Package with colorful to chosen… Extended Universal Pocket Power Features: Battery Built-in rechargeable Battery Power High output with quick charging Creative design Cable-Free input charging Usage Universal usage […]

Nintendo 3DS 5.1.0-11U has been released. And the users experience has been further improved. Some users complained that they received an error during the system update and were then unable to access the System Settings, Nintendo eShop, or Game Notes. But now, they will be happy as this new update solve this problem. How about […]

Get the updated official news from r4isdhc.com , quote : NOTICE: 2013 R4i sdhc-silver Card Supporting the latest 3DS 5.0.0-11 and DSI V1.45 in the world Our cards support directly 3DS latest version V5.0.0.11 and NDSi V1.45,no need update anymore,free games forever. The new 2013 R4isdhc silver card also comes with kernel 2013 R4isdhc-silver 2.04 […]

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