A breaking news shows that a new 3DS flashcard, Gateway 3DS Flashcart, can allow us to play 3DS Roms. It also releases a video that the 3DS console can run different backed up 3DS ROMS consecutively. Gateway-3DS official website said that “The wait is over! The first ever backup device that enables playback of 3DS […]

The Lamborghini 3D Skin Hard Cases Cover is a very popular case due to its high quality material and exquisite design with the Lamborghini logo. Are you looking for a hard case cover for you Apple iPhone 5? The Lamborghini 3D Skin Hard Cases Cover has a metal face and PC hard plastic edge. Your […]

There are different kinds of game skin or theme available on the official site of R4i gold 3DS card, such as Pokemon B&W 2, Assassins Creed 3, Zelda Again, Naruto One Piece etc. You can choose one to change your R4i gold 3DS Skin. It is easy to the R4i gold 3DS Skin/Theme. You can […]

We know that GBA Emulator is an exclusive function of  Supercard Dstwo as a slot 1 flash card. According to a news from GBAtemp, GBA emulator of SC Dstwo has been updated to V1.40 version. The change Log of the GBA emulator beta V1.40: Well, we can see that the GBA function for SC Dstwo […]

Microsoft announced Xbox next-generation, the Xbox One. Maybe because it has the “all in one ” system, it gets its name. Let’s turn to its controller. Just like Xbox 360 controller, the letters on buttons are printed with different colors. The grips of the thumbsticks seem better than before. What is more, when you operate […]

R4i gold cards officially released its newest wood kernel V1.59b. You can download it for your R4i gold 3ds card or R4i gold Non-3DS cards. The change of the wood firmware v1.59 is as below: Download Wood Kernel V1.59b We can see that the rts function is still under testing. The timer state, saving and […]

Magic mobile power banks with different capacity are available on Dwtechz.com now!  They are universal portable power banks, which can  not only be used for cellular phones or smart phones, but also games consoles, PSP and some multi-media devices. They are suitable for most USB powered devices such as iPhone, Android, tablets, PSP, MP3, etc. 1200mAh […]

R4i-gold Mario Revolution flash card can support the latest 3DS 5.1.0 and NDSi V1.4.5. Its newest kernel is FOS 2.50. The R4i-gold Mario card can memorize and restore to the previous game if you restarted your console. With it, you can not only play games, but also run multi-media functions. If you have bought or […]

R4i-sdhc team keeps working hard to update the kernel. Now the newest kernel V1.68b has been released on May 15. There are different language versions for you. You can choose your language and download it for your R4i-sdhc cards, including R4i-sdhc 3DS, R4i-sdhc 3DS RTS and R4i-sdhc V1.45. R4i-sdhc kernel V1.68b [ Download ] R4i […]

Resident Evil: Revelation finally comes to Europe today, May 14th. That’s an exciting news! It is about 619 MB. The Resident Evil: Revelation has been available on the Wii U eShop. It is said that North American Wii U owners can also download the Resident Evil Revelations demo. According to Capcom’s blog, the Revelations demo arrives […]

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