R4i gold 3DS Starter Deluxe Edition can play 3DS Games! That’s an exciting news for 3DS games funs. It is the first 3DS flashcart from R4i gold 3DS official team, r4ids.cn. You can buy or order R4i gold 3DS deluxe edition from Dwtechz.com now. It is an official reseller. The R4i gold 3DS Starter cards, the […]

The Walking Dead – Season 2 will come soon. It is really an exciting news for the Walking Dead funs. The Walking Dead – Season 2 belongs to the telltale games series. It will continue the Clementine’s story. It will continue after the first season of The Walking Dead. In the Walking Dead – Season […]

Pokémon file format of Pokémon X & Y have been dumped, decrypted and documented according to the latest news from GBAtemp. Dumping 3DS games is always a hot topic. PKX is the new file type of the Pokémon files. With the information available, we can get to know how the Pokémon titles work internally with […]

E3 ODE Pro users now can download the latest E3 OS v1.23 to enjoy more new features. E3 ODE PRO is in stock on Dwtechz.com! E3 ODE Pro updates its OS to version 1.23 now. All PS3 slim consoles can use one update program. It is easier to switch between E3 ODE PRO mode and PS3 […]

Gateway 3DS FAQ has been updated on October 20th. Many questions have been answered. The Gateway 3DS team said that they hope to support the multi-rom when Gateway 3DS firmware 2.0 releases. That is to say, Gateway 3DS card will not only support one rom, but allows players to play several games in one MicroSD […]

Nintendo released its newest console, the 2DS. As the 2DS is on firmware version 6.0.0-12, 3DS flashcarts, which can work on 3DS 6.0.0-12, can also work on 2DS. The popular R4 3DS flashcarts, such as R4i gold 3DS card, R4i-sdhc 3DS rts, R4isdhc silver card, R4isdhc dual-core card, R4iTT, 3DSTT etc., can work on 2DS. […]

E3 ODE PRO new version 1.2 has officially released! Its mainboard is a little different from the old version 1.0. There is a red line at the edge of the PCB. The E3 ODE ISO tool is also updated to version 2.0. E3 team released a news that all PS3 2xxx – 3xxx users can […]

Gateway 3DS card, with the firmware v2.0, can backup NAND. Users can play 3DS games v6.3.0 with Gateway 3DS card on 3DS 4.1-4.5. Its official video has showed that Monster Hunter 4 runs successfully with Gateway 3DS. How to backup or emulate NAND with Gateway 3DS? Here is the steps for you: 1. Go to DS […]

As Halloween Day is coming, Dwtechz.com decides to treat their customers. Three special products, Gateway 3DS card, R4i gold 3DS card, R4i-sdhc 3DS rts card, are offered with low prices. Gateway 3DS flashcart is only US$ 81.90. It is free shipping. All our Gateway 3DS cards are genuine and come from the official site as […]

E3 ODE Pro, a new version of PS3 optical drive emulator, now are available on Dwtechz.com. E3 ODE PRO new firmware E3 ODE V1.21 has been released. The E3 OS loading will be faster. And the games will run faster. Moreover, players can switch the options between E3 ODE Pro and PS3 BD DRIVE conveniently. […]

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