On April 19th the R4i -SDHC  team released the latest kernel V1.79b for R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS DS card . So far, the R4i-SDHC RTS support all DSi/N3DS/ 3DSXL console  absolutely the 3DS V 7.1.0-16 directly and DSi 1.45.             Download V1.79b. R4i V1.79b Update: 1. Fix some RTS games white screen […]

Today MT-Card official website released the update hardware V1.3 and Software Ver 1.2 . This MT update  supports 3 eshop games, and fixes the problem with low speed Micro SD card which causes animal crossing and pokemon X/Y games can not be played. 1.Hardware update(VIA USB) 1.1 Fix the problem with low speed Micro SD card […]

Mt team had announced new software 1.2 for Mt card. This software updated to enable you to play Pokemon X/Y  freely, and the Animal crossing new leaf is also available. This is a big surprise for loyal 3ds roms. Have a conclusion all of features mt card owns. 1) Hardware design of flexible, build-in CPU with card, […]