Today  the released the news that the r4i gold Deluxe Edition firmware 4.0B1 is released! change log Games Update: 1. V4.5+ Games 2. MH4 The coming firmware V4.0B2 will include the following: 1. Multi-ROM 2. EmuNand 3. Online Eshop [Download Now] From the news, the released 4.0B1 support games which only can be enjoyed over […]

On May 17th, Mt team announced the hardware V1.4 released which just about one month later after the hardware V1.3 & software V1.2.  This update improves Eshop ROM compatibility and supports .3dz ROM .It is an hardware update, just directly update your MT card(any version) to V1.4. While updating, don’t disconnect the USB cable. This […]

Today Nintendo team released the update 3DS 7.2.0-17 E/U/J which Improved system stability and usability and enhanced the user experience. However, what flashcart can still work on this newborn? it seems that flashcarts as supercard dstwo, r4i gold 3ds ,Ace3ds plus continues to work after the update. Main changes for version 7.2.0-17U Update released: May 12th, 2014 […]

  The Mother Day is upcoming on this Sunday. We get it: finding the perfect gift for mom can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! In order to celebrate the Mother’s day and express our grateful thanks for the Mom all over the world, we is holding the activity that anyone comes […]

Ace3DS PLUS is the updated version of Ace3DS flashcart. It is a slot-1 flashcart produced with the third generation chip. Ace3DS PLUS uses the customized wood firmware designed by Ace3DS team. With wood firmware, this card can provide many nice features. If you want to buy a flashcart for your 3DS/DSi/DS console, buying Ace3DS PLUS […]