3DS 10.1.0-27 is upgraded  on any region. We have tested our r4 flashcard, sky3ds immediately. Good news that you are free to update your 3ds/2ds/new 3ds fw because sky3ds and r4 card can support 10.1.0-27 perfectly. Of course you can wait, because at first it block all hax  temporarily but smea is working on […]

Autumn Season comes. Our dwtechz.com  store open the activity sending us darling customers free r4 flashcard or micro sd card as a gift. It is from TODAY (Sep 12th )to Sep 27th. The activity is , if your order value is more than US$50, you can get a Ace3ds PLUS or a 8 G Micro […]

3DS has finally released the newest 10.0.0-27U/E/J/K. Does this upgrade block some flashcard or has nothing influence on r4 or 3ds flashcard? We test our Main flashcard for you  here we get to know the r4 card and SKY3DS can keep alive while gateway, MT card still doesn’t. The main changelog 3ds 10.0.0, Version 10.0.0-27U […]