Supercard dstwo plus will schedule release in October, featuring 4 in 1 and supporting  3DS, DS, GBA and SNES games in one card.

As the website has updated and the release date is just around the concern, we think this time supercard dstwo Plus is real.  Anyway, 4 in 1 supercard dstwo plus is the only cart that can  support  3DS, DS, GBA and SNES games at the same time. It seems that 4 in 1 dstwo plus is created by supercard dstwo and gateway 3ds team together.Regarding the good performance old product supercard dstwo and gateway, we expect dstwo plus can do something different for players.


Official features as official dstwo plus,

1.For the time being,It’s the only flash cart to support 3DS, DS, GBA and SNES game in one card in the world.

2.Powerful hardware : DSTWO PLUS has 4 times flash and 2 times CPLD than DSTWO. It begins with the DSTWO PLUS… Now it’s time to go beyond 3DS! It can support 3DS new version through upgradable firwmare system in the future.

3.Emulate Gateway plug in,but also has supercard dstwo function. No game region locked,supports multi 3ds roms.

4,DS Games support, it has proved DSTWO EOS do well in ds games support.

5,GBA Game support. It has GBA emulator, the best and the only way to play gba games on 3ds.

6,SNES Game support. A perfect SNES emulator only possible with dstwo plus  powerful hardware, this makes DSTWO PLUS is the only card in the world that can play SNES.


Even if  dstwo plus will soon come out ,there still is  some confusion to be clear such as  compatibility, price, quality ect.  For the   3ds games ,as professional supplier , SKY3DS  should be the most powerful falshcart , pls click here to know about .


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