One new tool for entering to Switch RCM has been released by ace3ds team-AceNS. AceNS is built-in the payloads SX OS/Atmosphere/REINX and can store up to 6 payloads. It supports injecting SX OS/Atmosphere/REINX payloads and boot into CFW on Switch console.

AceNS Features
● Works on all firmware and all versions
● Supports payload.bin directly, Maximum up to 6 payloads.
● Built-in 3 payloads: ATMOSPHERE,REINX and SXOS, easy to switch by pressing the button.
● Easy Management-It will be immediately recognized as a USB flash drive when connecting to PC
● Good compatibility, supports WINDOWS, MAC OS and LINUX system.
● Firmware updatable
● The way of adding or replacing payload.bin: connect AceNS dongle to your PC with micro USB cable, you can copy and paste payload.bin to update it.


AceNS Package content
1 x AceNS Dongle
1 x Jig
1 x Micro USB cable

There is a button on the AceNS dongle. You can switch your dongle to different payload mode by pressing the button. Different colors of LED mean different payloads.
REINX – Green Light
SX OS – Red Light

For example, Long press the button, release it when LED flashes blue. The AceNS Dongle will switch to ATMOSPHERE mode.
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