Cute iPhone5/5S Despicable me case covers hit shelves on Do you like the movie Despicable me? The cute yellow minion leaves us very deep impression. Now you can buy the cute soft case for your lovely iPhone5/5S from The Despicable Me Soft cover for iPhone5/5S is made of silicone. So it is durable […]

R-sim 8+ is a brand-new unlock SIM card, which is specially designed for CDMA iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S and AT&T operators. It adopts Nano 3G 128K patch. It is easy to use. R-SIM 8 + instructions is very easy to use. Different from other unlock sim cards, it do not have to guide the […]

SAMSIM Unlock SIM Card for iPhone4S/iPhone5 hits our shelf now! It can be used for all GSM WCDMA 3G cards and all IOS version: IOS 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.3 etc. No matter which carrier of your iPhone is, it can work perfectly for calling, sending messages or connecting to Internet. Features of SAMSIM Unlock […]

The Iron Man hard case cover is specially designed for Apple iPhone 5. We know that the movie Iron Man is terrific. The iron man case cover is also very hot on the market. Now it hits our shelves ! The Iron Man Hard Case Cover is made of ultra-thin PC material. It is durable. […]

The Chanel Nail Polish TPU Case Cover is an innovative case for iPhone 5/iPhone4S/4. At your first sight, you may think it is a Chanel nail polish. Actually it is not. The Chanel Nail Polish TPU Case Cover is made of TPU plastic. It is durable. Your iPhone 5/iPhone4S/4 can be protected from scratches and […]

Today Apple issues its first iOS 6 bug fix update. The Apple iOS 6 update can quashes quite a few bugs which haunt on a lot of iPhone 5 users. The update can solve the malfunctions including creating horizontal lines across the keyboard and forcing the camera flash to not go off. What is more, […]