M3i Zero, the GMP-2003 model, can be compatible with 3DS version 4.5.0 and DSi version 1.4.5 after updating its firmware. M3i Zero (GMP-2003) installation is a little different from other R4i carts. Here is a user guide or tutorial tips for M3i Zero users. How to Set up M3i Zero for 3DS 4.5.0 and DSi […]

According to the M3i Zero official new, the M3i Zero GMP-Z003 Firmware has been updated on January 12th. It can run great on new 3DS (Ver. 4.5.0-10E, Ver. 4.5.0-10J, Ver. 4.5.0-10U) and DSi (Ver 1.4.5E, Ver 1.4.5J, Ver 1.4.5U) system version. M3i Zero(GMP-Z003) is an amazing product.  You can enjoy homemade games, watch movies and listen music with […]