Some PS3 players are not sure if E3 Flasher could downgrade PS3 OFW 4.50 to FW 3.55. After some E3 Flasher users experience, it indeed can downgrade PS3 OFW 4.50 to 3.55. E3 Flasher Limited editon and E3 Nor Flasher simple version are availble one! Here are experience from a forum: You can […]

The Walking Dead – Season 2 will come soon. It is really an exciting news for the Walking Dead funs. The Walking Dead – Season 2 belongs to the telltale games series. It will continue the Clementine’s story. It will continue after the first season of The Walking Dead. In the Walking Dead – Season […]

E3 ODE PRO new version 1.2 has officially released! Its mainboard is a little different from the old version 1.0. There is a red line at the edge of the PCB. The E3 ODE ISO tool is also updated to version 2.0. E3 team released a news that all PS3 2xxx – 3xxx users can […]

E3 ODE Pro, a new version of PS3 optical drive emulator, now are available on E3 ODE PRO new firmware E3 ODE V1.21 has been released. The E3 OS loading will be faster. And the games will run faster. Moreover, players can switch the options between E3 ODE Pro and PS3 BD DRIVE conveniently. […]

3K3Y PCB has two different kinds of models. They are respectively compatible with different PS3 phat and slim models. Therefore you should check your PS3 models before choose a 3K3Y PCB. 3K3y SATA is for the following models: “Fat” models: *CECHL (open to make sure its sata model, might be PATA) CECHM CECHP CECHQ CECHL […]

E3 ODE Pro will be released soon! said that they will receive them in October. And players can pre-order them now. Now here is simple E3 ODE Pro guide for reference. E3 ODE Pro full kit includes four flat cables, one power cable, two mainboard and a USB card reader. The two mainboard include […]

PS3 Code Unique 3/CU3, a new USB cheat dongle for PS3 console, can work on the PS3 all firmwares, such as Kmeaw 3.55_cfw, ROgero 4.21/4.3_cfw, Rebug 4.3_cfw. Its functions just like the PS3 User Cheat. With built-in 4 MB flash and ACTEL chip set, it can modify games completely. A unique dongle for your PS3! […]

Is PS3 Super Slim 4000 reallly Hacked? We know that PS3 4000 Jailbreak is not easy. But a video on youtube shows that new PS3 Super Slim 4000 series has been hacked by ODE, modchip. Click here to watch the youtube video. But it has not been confirmed yet. Some people just regard it as […]

3K3y Installation Manual 1. Obtain your PS3 BD drive keys and copy it to the supplied 3K3y micro SD card. 2. Remove the rubber cover, retaining screw and decorative plastic cover from your PS3 3. Remove the retaining screws and top cover from your PS3 4. Disconnect the PS3 BD drive power cable from the […]

According 3k3y official news , they have listed their resellers and some of them start to sale to public, the sold price is about $120. the 3k3y included several accessories ,such as 3K3Y mainboard,3k3y wifi dongle, 3k3y ripper. Those accessories will be sold with the 3k3y. Editor think that the 3k3y is an another Revolution […]

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