3DS 11.0.0-33U is released and it aims at New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS. Version 11.0.0-33U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements: Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience As usual, sky3ds […]

R4i gold 3DS Starter Deluxe Edition can play 3DS Games! That’s an exciting news for 3DS games funs. It is the first 3DS flashcart from R4i gold 3DS official team, r4ids.cn. You can buy or order R4i gold 3DS deluxe edition from Dwtechz.com now. It is an official reseller. The R4i gold 3DS Starter cards, the […]

Nintendo released its newest console, the 2DS. As the 2DS is on firmware version 6.0.0-12, 3DS flashcarts, which can work on 3DS 6.0.0-12, can also work on 2DS. The popular R4 3DS flashcarts, such as R4i gold 3DS card, R4i-sdhc 3DS rts, R4isdhc silver card, R4isdhc dual-core card, R4iTT, 3DSTT etc., can work on 2DS. […]

R4i3D Card, the 2014 version, can work on the latest 3DS 6.3.0-12 and DSi V1.4.5 directly with its kernel. For the old versions, you can upgrade it with its 3DS 6.3.0 upgrade patch.

Now R4i3DS official team releases its latest card. It is marked with “2013”. The newest R4i3D cards can work on 3DS latest firmware v6.1.0 directly. Just download its kernel, you can play games with the 2013 R4i3D card on 3DS console. If your R4i3D card is an old one, you should update it firstly. Download […]

Nearly at the same time, R4i sdhc dual-core card, R4i sdhc silver rts card and R4i gold Pro card hacked the 3DS newest firmware Version 6.0.0 or 6.1.0. If you are a new user of R4i gold Pro card, you can set up your R4i-gold Pro card to make it work on 3DS V6.1.0-11U/ V6.1.0-12J […]

R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS cards can also work on 3DS V6.1.0-X perfectly now! The official site released R4i-sdhc 3DS RTS latest kernel V1.71b. With this kernel, your R4i-sdhc 3DS RTS cards can be compatible with the latest 3DS V6.1.0-X. We should pay attention that it only works for certain model of the R4i-sdhc 3DS RTS card. Note: […]

R4i-sdhc 3DS RTS card kernel V1.70b has been releasead.  You can download it from its official site: http://www.r4i-sdhc.com/downloade.asp. The new kernel fixed more RTS game white screen problems and hang issues. What’s more, its game compatibility has been further improved. R4i V1.70b Update: 1. Fix some RTS games white screen issues. 2. Fix some RTS […]

Our newest R4i gold 3DS card can work on 3DS/3DS XL/LL Version 6.0.0-11U, 6.0.0-11-12E, 6.0.0-11-12J directly now! You do not need to update it any more. We are an official distributor of R4i gold 3DS card and provides the newest one for our customers. Recently lots of customers choose to buy R4i gold 3DS card […]

R4i gold 3DS can be updated to run on the latest 3DS 6.0.0-11U/6.0.0-12E/6.0.0-12J now! You can follow our steps below to update your R4i gold 3DS card. Download the wood R4 kernel V1.60 and R4i gold 6.0 patch Wood R4 kernel V1.60 Download R4i gold 6.0 patch Download Unzip these two files into the root […]

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