E3 ODE Pro, a new version of PS3 optical drive emulator, now are available on Dwtechz.com.

E3 ODE PRO new firmware E3 ODE V1.21 has been released. The E3 OS loading will be faster. And the games will run faster. Moreover, players can switch the options between E3 ODE Pro and PS3 BD DRIVE conveniently.

E3 ODE PRO is easy to upgrade and use. The whole operation process is very convenient as users do not need to restart your PS3 console to switch between PS3 BD DRIVE and E3 ODE PRO. E3 ODE Pro can work stable on all PS3 slim consoles, including 4K 12G, 4K and 3K consoles.

E3 ODE Pro for PS3 without PS3 Reboot

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