Gateway 3DS Firmware 2.0b1, its public beta, has been released. A lot of 3DS gamers expect the latest firmware 2.0 and be interested in its new updates.

1. GW 3DS firmware 2.0b1 enables us play 3DS games, Monster Hunter 4 and Zelda Triangle Power 2.

2. The emuNand feature also comes to us.

3. New GUI menu system can be accessed by pressing the L button when tapping on DS profile on the touchscreen.

The other functions for Gateway 3DS flashcard on its firmware 2.0, such as Nand Saving and Fat 32 based multi-rom support will be available later, according to its official news. Another hot 3DS flashcart, R4i gold 3DS deluxe edition will also releaes its firmware 3.0 soon.

Gateway 3DS Flashcart for 3DS XL/3DS Playing 3DS Games

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