Gateway 3DS will play Pokemon X Y soon! Recently several flash cards for 3DS games have come to us. For example, the latest MT Card, which can play multiple 3DS games with only one MicroSD card.  R4i 3DS gold Deluxe and Gateway 3DS also working for multi-rom and Pokemon X Y.

Gateway 3DS Flashcart for 3DS XL/3DS Playing 3DS Games

Gateway 3DS official team released a news that they are working for the Nand Save function. The Nand Save is the main problem which leads in the incomplete of the hottest 3DS games Pokemon X Y and Animal Crossing. What’s more, Gateway 3DS card is also working for the multi-rom function.

From the Youtube Video GW3DS Nand Save Demo below, we can see that the Gateway 3DS card can run the latest 3DS game Pokemon X Y. Let’s looking forwards to the latest firmware release!

Click on Gateway 3DS Nand-Based Saves to Play Pokemon Y to watch the video.

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