According to GBAtemp forum, the TempGBA has been updated to Version 1.45. It has been improved a lot and fixes from the reGBA project. You can enjoy GBA games with Supercard DStwo with better user experience.

TempGBA Version 1.45 Change Log:

This version is a product of the ReGBA project, which separates cross-platform code from the DSTwo-specific code.

  • Includes an open-source replacement for the GBA BIOS made from VBA-M’s BIOS emulation code. Thanks to Normmatt for this! You can still use the Nintendo BIOS if you have it in the /TEMPGBA folder of your storage card, but if you extract all of the files in this release, you will replace it with Normmatt’s BIOS.
  • Works around a desynchronisation between the Direct Sound music channels and the PSG (Game Boy beeper) channels. If you load a saved state made in TempGBA betas 12-15 or versions 1.40-1.44, and the desynchronisation was below 186 milliseconds, it will be retroactively fixed. If it was already above 186 milliseconds, then the desynchronisation will fix itself after about…

Note: TempGBA V1.45 can be downloaded from

Supercard DStwo can work on the latest 3DS firmware version 6.3.0-12 directly. You can play GBA games and Nintendo games with your Supercard DStwo on 3DS 6.3.0-12!


Supercard DStwo

Supercard DStwo

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