E3 ODE Pro will be released soon! Dwtechz.com said that they will receive them in October. And players can pre-order them now. Now here is simple E3 ODE Pro guide for reference.

E3 ODE Pro full kit includes four flat cables, one power cable, two mainboard and a USB card reader. The two mainboard include one big and one small.


Here is a close-up picture for the mainboard. There are 7 way FFC to adapter, 24 way FFC to adapter and 2 wire power cable to adapter.

e3 ode pro

Here is the PS3 mainboard. The red circle we made is where we solder the small mainboard of E3 ODE Pro.


Here is a close-up picture for the solder part.


Then solder the small mainboard to the PS3 mainboard according to the picture.


Lead a cable and pay attention that we should leave the space for the PS3 cables itself.


All the power cables solder is finished.


Install the four flat cables into the correct parts as below. One four-pin cable should be connected with the big mainboard and the other one should connect with the USB reader.


As the picture, the cables should be connected in the right place and be fixed on the board.


Then we can should focus on the back of PS3 mainboard.


Put the PS3 mainboard into the shell. The outside white flat cable is to connect the USB card reader. Other flat cables and power cable are all in another direction.


Then connect the other side of those flat cables and power cable to the mainboard of E3 ODE according to their pin type.


Game CD is not put in the CD driver when the PS3 does not power on.


Then power on your PS3. The blue indicator of E3 ODE Pro will be flashing. Then it starts to work. You can enjoy PS3 games now!




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