At present, Gateway 3DS Flashcarts have been on hot sales. It is available on  Many players are confused about how to install Gateway 3DS Card to play 3DS games. You can follow our steps below:

Things we need:

  1. 3DS/3DS LL/3DS XL (System version should be 4.1—4.5; No region versions limit; If your 3DS system version is lower than 4.1, you can take the Luigi’s Mansion to make your console upgrade to 4.5)
  2. TF/SD card (4GB is ok)
  3. Card Readers for TF card and Micro SD card
  4. Downloaded 3DS roms

How to Setup / Install Gateway 3DS card

Phase 1:

  1. Format your TF/SD card (with Fat32).
  2. Go to Gateway 3DS official site to download its 1.0 firmware.
  3. Extract the file, open the folder, drag all files on the “Blue Card (R4i)” folder into the root of your TF card
  4. Insert the TF card into your gateway blue card.
  5. Turn on your 3DS console and put the blue card into your console. Click on the R4i icon (“deep labyrinth”).
  6. Choose the “GATEWAY” file and install the gateway mode. After installing successfully, there will be a tip to press “A”. And then turn off the console. Take out the blue Gateway 3DS flashcard from the console.

Phase 2:

1. Take out the SD card from the 3DS console. (Note: The SD card is from the 3DS console, but not from flashcart.).

2. Open the unzipped folder “GW_Release_1.0” (which is downloaded from the beginning). Open the “GW Release” and choose “Launcher.dat” and copy it into the root of that SD card.

3. Insert the SD card back to your 3DS console and turn on your 3DS

4. Enter the “System Settings”→ “other Settings”→ “Profile”→ “Nintendo DS Profile”

Wait several seconds. Then the 3DS console can boot Gateway mode.

Phase 3:

  1. Take out the TF or SD card from the blue Gateway 3DS card. Format the card.
  2. Download a software Win32 Disk  Imager:
  3. Boot the software and then choose the “Device” on the up right corner. Then click on the left files icon to choose your 3DS roms. (“.3ds” roms).
  4. Insert your TF card to your computer, click on the “Write” to copy your games into your TF or SD card. (Note: the capacity of your memory card should be larger than the rom)

After that, take out your TF/SD card. Insert the TF/SD card into the red Gateway 3DS cart. Then insert the red Gateway 3DS to your 3DS console. Then you can enjoy your 3DS rom!

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