It is being discussed among users that Wii U 5.5 kernel exploit has been leaked. In this post, we will introduce you how to run Wii U 5.5 kernel exploit.

Step 1: Download Wii U 5.5 Kernel exploit here.
Step 2: Install Java 8+
Step 3: Open a command line window (in windows) or a terminal (linux/macosx).
Step 4: Extract AtLongLast.zip to C:\kexploit (or wherever, but keep it short)
Step 5: Rename the folders as they are inverted. Example: atad = data; sdaolyap = payloads
Step 6: Run hackserver.jar, and make sure it runs correctly.

Step 7: Get your computer Ip address.
Step 8: on your Wii: enter your IP address followed by /hax?kexploit31, for example

Step 9: Click on done and load the page to run the Wii U 5.5 kernel exploit.


To run a tool such as Loadiine:

1. Get the latest Loadiine nightly from the repository
2. Copy the content on your SD Card in wiiU/apps/loadiine.gx2
3. Backups on your SDCard need to be prepared as explained on the Loadiine Readme
4. Run the kexploit10 binary (http://youripaddress/hax?kexploit10)
5. Run loadiine

Sources: http://wololo.net/2016/05/03/wii-u-5-5-kernel-exploit-has-been-leaked/

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