M3i Zero, the GMP-2003 model, can be compatible with 3DS version 4.5.0 and DSi version 1.4.5 after updating its firmware. M3i Zero (GMP-2003) installation is a little different from other R4i carts. Here is a user guide or tutorial tips for M3i Zero users.

How to Set up M3i Zero for 3DS 4.5.0 and DSi 1.4.5:

Step 1: Install system file and old kernel for M3i Zero cart

  1. Download the system file “M3G6_DS_Real_v4.9a_M74_Multi.zip” [M3i Zero System Download]
  2. Download its old kernel “F_CORE_v4.1.0 (1).zip” [M3i Zero V4.1 F_CORE Download]
  3. Extract these files and open the folders, drag all the files into the root of Micro SD card

Then you can put your Micro SD card into your M3i Zero cart. Insert the firmware update USB cable into the cartridge and another port to your computer. After the connection, the flashing process begins. The red light begins flashing. After it is stopped, you can unplug it.

Step 2: Update the firmware of M3i Zero

  1. Download the upgrade patch “M3GUpdaterPlus_450HW.zip” [M3i Zero 4.5 Update Patch Download]
  2. Extract the file and open the folder. Put all the files into the root of Micro SD card
  3. Insert your M3i Zero with Micro SD card into a DS or DS Lite console
  4. Turn on your console. Select the “Config” →”M3GUpdaterPlus_450HW.nds”
  5. Press “A” to enter the interface to update its firmware according to its tips

Wait until it shows success on the screen.

Step 3: Install new M3i Zero V4.5.0 Kernel for M3i Zero

  1. Download new M3i Zero kernel “F_CORE_v4.5.0” [M3i Zero V4.5 F_CORE Download]
  2. Extract it and open the folder, copy the “F_CORE.DAT” file into the root of the Micro SD card. Overwrite the old kernel F_CORE_v4.1.0 (with the same file name “F_CORE.DAT” ).
  3. Insert your Micro SD card into your M3i Zero. Connect your M3i Zero cart with your computer via the USB cable. Then the light will be flashing. After it stops, it is finished.

Then you can enjoy games with the M3i Zero GMP-2003 flashcart on your DSi 1.4.5 or 3DS 4.5.0!

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