Gateway 3DS card, with the firmware v2.0, can backup NAND. Users can play 3DS games v6.3.0 with Gateway 3DS card on 3DS 4.1-4.5. Its official video has showed that Monster Hunter 4 runs successfully with Gateway 3DS.

Gateway 3DS Flashcart for 3DS XL/3DS Playing 3DS Games

How to backup or emulate NAND with Gateway 3DS? Here is the steps for you:

1. Go to DS profile to activate Gateway mode.

2. Backup NAND. Gateway then essentially creates a virtual drive of sorts and fools the console into booting it.

3. Once booted from “emulated NAND” you can update to 6.3. The update just gets installed into the emulated NAND instead of real NAND. I assume that when/if they figure out an exploit for a newer update, they will then provide a method of installing the emulated NAND in to the real one. But for now they won’t provide that feature since obvoisely doing so would prevent you from ever using Gateway again.

4. I have to assume that once you have your emulated NAND updated to 6.3, you CAN NOT boot roms while running from emulated NAND since it has 6.3 which is not exploited yet. Since (currently) the emulated NAND is running a legit firmware (as evidence by the fact that eShop works), any game booted from emulated NAND WILL have online support. Whether or not online support will work when running on real NAND is the question.

5. To play roms again you reboot 3DS to get it to boot real NAND again which was still at 4.5. Then repeat Gateway exploit and this time go to run a rom instead.

6. To return to emulated NAND you just reboot and repeat Gateway exploit and just tell it to boot emulated NAND and then your back to 6.3 where you can (currently) only run legit copies of games.


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