3DS has finally released the newest 10.0.0-27U/E/J/K. Does this upgrade block some flashcard or has nothing influence on r4 or 3ds flashcard? We test our Main flashcard for you  here we get to know the r4 card and SKY3DS can keep alive while gateway, MT card still doesn’t. The main changelog 3ds 10.0.0, Version 10.0.0-27U […]

                                                                                SKY3DS Template 0819 has released, changelogs, 1.Fixed some bugs. 2.Added game: CTR-P-BSJJ9BA2 =1314 – San […]

It’s confirm that sky3DS works great with Ninjhax 2.0 on V9.9.0-26.With ninjahax 2.0 you can get region free on any console up to firmwares 9.9. As of 7/19/2015, version 9.9.0 is the latest firmware. Ninjhax 2.0 *DOES* work on that firmware. Finally, something for updated 3DS’s. It supports 4.1 through 9.9. You can also use […]

Nintendo updated the system on Old and New 3DS firmware to 9.9.0-26U with the almost same changelog, “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.” Please note that this update  is just for US verson ,Europe/Japan did not get an update to Home Menu. R4 flashcard […]

Great! Exciting news! The supercard dstwo/ds2 is available from now on. Today we are lucky to get the supercard ds2  in stock. Welcome to place the order through http://www.dwtechz.com/supercard-ds-two-for-o3dsnew-98025-ds-lite-dsi-p-654.html  the price is the same, $40, free shipping, ship out within 24 hours, 100% original.   The supercard dstwo   not only have the same features as […]

Pasta CFW is a loader allowing us to install ANY Cias and play DSi  ware  and GBA vc. Now  the latest firmware updated to ver 1.2.1. Pasta cfw  needs the NINJHAX to boot that means you need a CUBIC NINJA  or SKY3DS to boot the homebrew menu.  CN card is hard to shoot so recommend […]

Gateway 3ds can support 3ds ver 9.2.0, from 3ds ver 4.1 all the way up to 9.2.0 with the firmware gateway ultra 3.0. Now Gateway 3ds ultra 3.0 features, – support ALL 3DS/2DS/3DS XL consoles on sysnand firmware starting from 4.5 and all the way up to 9.2! – DOWNGRADING your 4.5+ console back to […]

SKY3DS  is well known to us all, which supports all 3ds/2ds/new 3ds version even the top ver 9.4.0-21 directly and play any top 3ds games.   New batch of sky3ds  break the 10 games limit, supporting as many games as you wish with the blue button for changing another new games. Dwtechz.com  is the first […]

Today SKY3DS update the official page once again and published that sky3ds hit the market in large quantities, meanwhile the mysterious reflash tool is available. Buy sky3ds for any 3ds console playing any 3ds back-up Roms. News, Sky3DS is officially releasing now! You can download the “Disk Writer” tool here. (11/06/2014) Sky3DS Download * Sky3DS Disk […]

One new powerful 3ds flash card SKY3DS  hits the shelves, becoming the first 3ds card in the world to hack all 3ds version including the newest 3ds 9.0.0. In prove it, share the video from official site sky3ds.com. Once it is available,  the day is gone when it is not possible  we want to enjoy […]

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