Rammore mophie space pack is a new product which perfectly suit smart iPad and can extend your storage freely. Rammore mophie space pack provide better protect for your iPad. It is made of high quality TPU and add the EVA sponge to better protect your  iPad from break. Simultaneously, it can be adjusted to the preferable angel view.

Rammore mophie space pack is the amazing one that is integrated design of card reader and protection cover. The Rammore support SD,SDHC and SDXC card, up to 64GB and Class-6 SD card. If you buy a Rammore mophie space pack, you indeed can shoot more, listen more, watch more. The mophie make you iPad upgrading to unlimited capacity. It can let your iPad have more storage space, let you distribute your space more reasonable, you can storage more files in it such as HD movies.

Now Rammore mophie space pack support iPad/ iPad Mini With Retina(Mini2) and all expect the Rammore is compatible with more iPad version. The rammore mophie space pack has two versions: v1 jailbreak, v2 no needed jailbreak. As the names indicates, for rammore mophie V1, iPad need to jailbreak and use the App iFlie and for V2, it is easy to use even for entry-iPad.


RamMore Mophie Space Pack v1 for iPad/ iPad Mini With Retinarammore_12rammore_13_white






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