E3 ODE PRO new version 1.2 has officially released! Its mainboard is a little different from the old version 1.0. There is a red line at the edge of the PCB. The E3 ODE ISO tool is also updated to version 2.0. E3 team released a news that all PS3 2xxx – 3xxx users can […]

The 3k3y firmware V2.01 can make the disk key automatically detected. Many great features for 3k3y have been added. So you can enjoy these features on your PlayStation 3 with 3k3y. 3k3y firmware V2.01 features: – Merge 3Dump and NoKeys – Support for for PSX img/bin/cue files – Improved support for for PSX img/bin/cue files […]

A news from GBAtemp shows that 3K3Y Firmware v2.00 is available now. Change log about 3k3y fw 2.00: The firmware 2.00 of 3K3Y has improved a lot. We can see that the Web Interface is added. More options are added, such as eject physical disk, diags, Alt D1 etc.. It can also be compatible with […]

3K3y Installation Manual 1. Obtain your PS3 BD drive keys and copy it to the supplied 3K3y micro SD card. 2. Remove the rubber cover, retaining screw and decorative plastic cover from your PS3 3. Remove the retaining screws and top cover from your PS3 4. Disconnect the PS3 BD drive power cable from the […]

According 3k3y official news , they have listed their resellers and some of them start to sale to public, the sold price is about $120. the 3k3y included several accessories ,such as 3K3Y mainboard,3k3y wifi dongle, 3k3y ripper. Those accessories will be sold with the 3k3y. Editor think that the 3k3y is an another Revolution […]