Cobra ODE has released the latest firmware V1.1. It will be convenient for users to operate. We know that the console has to be rebooted if we use the firmware 1.0. With Cobra ODE update V1.1, the game selection can be validated without rebooting the console. Once the game selection is done through the manager, […]

The latest news from Cobra ODE team said that the Cobra ODE Manager update fixed the issue about the game updates. The Cobra ODE manager and library were released on August 26th. Now the Cobra ODE team keeps improving it. The game list of Cobra ODE compatible boot discs has been released. For instance, BLUS30353 […]

Are you interested how to install Cobra ODE on PS 3/PlayStation 3 with 2k5, 3K or 4K models? Here is a good news for you! Cobra ODE installation manual and user manual have been released. Click on the link to read the PDF files for reference. Cobra ODE Installation Manual Cobra ODE User Manual From […]