E3 ODE Pro users now can download the latest E3 OS v1.23 to enjoy more new features. E3 ODE PRO is in stock on Dwtechz.com! E3 ODE Pro updates its OS to version 1.23 now. All PS3 slim consoles can use one update program. It is easier to switch between E3 ODE PRO mode and PS3 […]

E3 ODE PRO new version 1.2 has officially released! Its mainboard is a little different from the old version 1.0. There is a red line at the edge of the PCB. The E3 ODE ISO tool is also updated to version 2.0. E3 team released a news that all PS3 2xxx – 3xxx users can […]

E3 ODE Pro, a new version of PS3 optical drive emulator, now are available on Dwtechz.com. E3 ODE PRO new firmware E3 ODE V1.21 has been released. The E3 OS loading will be faster. And the games will run faster. Moreover, players can switch the options between E3 ODE Pro and PS3 BD DRIVE conveniently. […]

E3 ODE Pro will be released soon! Dwtechz.com said that they will receive them in October. And players can pre-order them now. Now here is simple E3 ODE Pro guide for reference. E3 ODE Pro full kit includes four flat cables, one power cable, two mainboard and a USB card reader. The two mainboard include […]