MT-Card now is in stock on! According to our test, it indeed can play several 3DS roms in one Micro SD card. As for how to Set up MT-Card 3DS to Play multi-rom/3DS Games, you can follow the steps below: Preparation: (1) MT-Card (blue card + yellow card) (2) 3DS/3DS XL/LL (system version 4.1.0–4.5.0) […]

Gateway 3DS released its firmware 2.0b2 today, on Christmas day. It is regarded as a gift for the Gateway 3DS users. Anyway, it is just another public beta for the final V2.0. What are the new features the Gateway team brings us? On the one hand, the GW firmware 2.0b2 can support the latest 3DS […]

R4i 3DS flashcarts now are cheap on now due to Black Friday sale! As an official reseller, provides genuine and original R4i 3DS cards for Nintendo games funs. The best r4i 3DS card, R4i gold 3DS, is only US$ 17.20. R4i-sdhc 3DS rts is only US$16.00. The cheapest one is Ace3ds Plus, only […]

Wood R4 Kernel V1.64 has been released for R4i gold 3DS rts card. Are you a R4i gold 3DS user? If so, you can download it from its official site to enjoy more games and better experience. Download the Wood R4 kernel V1.64 Extract it and open the folder Drag the files “_rpg” and […]

R4i gold 3DS Starter Deluxe Edition can play 3DS Games! That’s an exciting news for 3DS games funs. It is the first 3DS flashcart from R4i gold 3DS official team, You can buy or order R4i gold 3DS deluxe edition from now. It is an official reseller. The R4i gold 3DS Starter cards, the […]

Since Gateway 3DS flashcarts have in stock in many online stores, it has attracted a lot of attentions. Once its server was down due to large visitors. However, now it has restored its website and inform 3DS players their new plan.They are working for homebrew. Their official news on August 13th has shown that its […]

At present, Gateway 3DS Flashcarts have been on hot sales. It is available on  Many players are confused about how to install Gateway 3DS Card to play 3DS games. You can follow our steps below: Things we need: 3DS/3DS LL/3DS XL (System version should be 4.1—4.5; No region versions limit; If your 3DS system […]

Gateway 3DS updates news about its blue card of Gateway 3DS. There are two cards included in the package, one blue and one red. It said that the blue card, with DS mode, can work on 3DS V6.1.0. It can be used for DS backups and running DS home brew. The custom Gateway Installer DS […]

From GBAtemp, we got a video about Gateway 3DS card. It shows that Gateway backup swap with working save game transfer. It can transfer the save game date automatically between Gateway 3DS cart and 3DS console. Quote from Are you looking for cart which can play 3DS games! That’s it! The Gateway 3DS card […]