Modchip Playstation 3: Change Your Playstation 3 The PlayStation 3 has always been the subject of many attempts to change.You can easily understand thinking about the fact that the home console Sony, despite being sold from 2006 until September 2010 had not changed at all.The arrival of the change has shocked everyone who initially thought it was […]

It is the same as the 3.50 spoof payload, tricking your console into thinking its on the latest firmware. This does not allow you to go online, or play newer games. The purpose of the spoof is to prevent your console from telling you to update, that’s all. This update only stops you from updating […]

How to downgrade firmware 3.42/3.50 to firmware 3.41 with PS3break dongle: 1.Insert PS3break dongle device into computer and flash in downgrade mode firmware as downgrader. 2.Insert PS3break dongle device that has been reprogrammed as downgrader into your console. 3. Turn on the console using the same boot method as all other jailbreaks: Press power then immediately press eject. […]

Third-Generation PS3break V1.2 will be grandly launched on Oct.18  Followed by PS3break V1.1, the third-generation PS3break V1.2 will be grandly launched on Oct.18. It’s more exquisite in design, more stable in performance and more reliable in quality. Undoubtedly,  which will be welcomed by more and more PS3 games fanciers all over the world for its […]