R4i gold cards officially released its newest wood kernel V1.59b. You can download it for your R4i gold 3ds card or R4i gold Non-3DS cards. The change of the wood firmware v1.59 is as below: Download Wood Kernel V1.59b We can see that the rts function is still under testing. The timer state, saving and […]

R4i-gold Mario Revolution flash card can support the latest 3DS 5.1.0 and NDSi V1.4.5. Its newest kernel is FOS 2.50. The R4i-gold Mario card can memorize and restore to the previous game if you restarted your console. With it, you can not only play games, but also run multi-media functions. If you have bought or […]

2013 R4i-Gold Pro can work perfectly on the latest 3DS 5.1.0-11 without needing any update. Now another news comes. Its official site said that WOOD R4i V1.52 Released. Great, we can play more games now! New game list: Pokemon White Version (All Regions) Pokemon Black Version (All Regions) 6170 – The Croods Prehistoric Party (E) […]

A good new from http://r4ids.cn said that new R4i gold 3DS patch for R4i Gold 3DS Version (6,7,8,9,A,C) has been released. You can download for your R4i gold 3DS. [ R4i Gold 3DS Patch for DSi/XL V1.45 ] Actually the latest R4i Gold 3DS Revision C can work directly on the latest 3DS V4.5.0-10 & […]

The R4i gold official site released a good news that WOOD R4 V1.56 was released on Christmas Day , December 25, this year. It is an amazing gift for those who own ┬áR4i Gold 3DS and R4i gold Non-3DS cards. If you have a R4i gold card, you can download it from http://r4ids.cn/r4i-download-e.html. Compatibility: ‘apprends […]