R4i3d revolution card can be updated for the latest 3DS/3DS XL ver. 7.1.0-14U/7.0.0-13U. Has your 3DS or 3DS XL updated to system version V7.1.0-14U or V7.0.0-13U? If your Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL console has not been updated to V7.x, you should update your R4i3d card firstly and then make it V7.x. It your console […]

The upgrade patch of R4i3D card for 3DS 6.2.0 has been released. If your R4i3D card is the latest version with “2013″ on the sticker, then you can update your R4i3D card for 3DS 6.2.0 now. How to Update R4i3D Card Firmware for 3DS 6.2.0. You should update your R4i3D card firstly before upgrade your […]

Now R4i3DS official team releases its latest card. It is marked with “2013”. The newest R4i3D cards can work on 3DS latest firmware v6.1.0 directly. Just download its kernel, you can play games with the 2013 R4i3D card on 3DS console. If your R4i3D card is an old one, you should update it firstly. Download […]