Nintendo 3DS firmware was updated to the 6.0.0-11U (North American Version), 6.0.0-12E (Europe Version), 6.0.0-12J (Japan Version). Its system stability and usability have been enhanced. But will it block flashcarts? Which Flashcards can Work on Nintendo 3DS V6.0.0?

According to our tests, all flashcards are blocked by this new firmware. Flashcarts, such as  R4i gold 3DS card, Supercard DStwo, Ace3ds Plus can not run on it currently. Therefore, please do not update the firmware of your 3DS to 6.0.0. The official team of your flash card may make their effort to hack the latest firmware. It usually take about several days to bypass the Nintendo new firmware.

Which flash card will be the first to work on 3DS V6.0.0? We will keep updating the latest news of flashcards updating for 3DS V6.0.0. You can focus on our blog.

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