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Buy switch for PS3 [ Free-shipping ]


  • Model: DW-PS3SWT-K
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Product Description

We know, before using electronic dongle, the power must be switched off completely prior to inserting USB of PS3, then switch on to make electronic dongle work. As there is no switch on slim box, we need to plug in and out before using electronic dongle every time, which is complicated. Now the new product is available, which solves this problem. It's easy to quickly turn on or off the power after embedding electronic switch function. Any users that are interested in can give a shot.

Function features (only support Slim console):
  • 1.To avoid plugging in and out repeatly
  • 2. Professional design, portable for convenient usage.
  • 3. Made of fireproof, high pressure resistent material and it is very safe and reliable.
  • 4. Reasonable price, easy to use, quickly power on or off.
  • 5. High quality power switch, matching all jailbreak to easily turn on or off and guide console.

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