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    All the Email will be replied within 24 hours (except for major holidays). For timely and prompt response please add our MSN or Skype. We believe in the timeliness of customer service, and would like to do everything to satisfy our customers.

    While here are some tips: 

    If you are contacting us about an order you have placed, please offer us your order number (it’s important!).

    Never change the subject of our emails as your email, otherwise it will be filtered into spam and get lost.

    Don't delete what we write to you in emails when you respond, otherwise we have no idea what the conversation is about - we have multiple people answering emails here.

    Emails that we reply to are quick and to the point, we don't write essays. ‘To the point' comes off as a little rude sometimes. We assure you that is not our intention. Our intention is to answer your question and solve the problem as quickly as possible.

    If you have sent us emails and got no reply in 2 days, please call us online. This is serious cases we never do that.

    If you have any problems, comments or suggestions, please contact our customer service representatives.

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Why Shop With DWTechz?

100% Secure Shopping Experience

  • We accept Credit Card & Bank Transfer(Bank of America) for ALL orders.Security, Speedy ,Efficiency for online bank transfer!

Fast Handling

  • We can do at factory direct price for your orders. Our lead time for your order is within 24hours. Package arrives about 10-30 days with Registered Airmail, 3-5 woking days with Fedex/DHL

Cost Price

  • At DWTechz, we offer customer wholesaler's cost price. The simple reasons is we have over 5 years daily living products import experience. So you are dealing directly with importer, good quality & low price guarantee

Good Services

  • All of the emails will be responded within at most 12 hours. The most important is that we provide exceptional one-to-one customer service, by online support/MSN chatting tools. It will be much more convenient and faster for all of your questions to be answered that way. Contact us now for your wholesale inquiry and orders. We can promise that is your best option!!