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Crown3ds Revolution upgrade for 3DS [ working 3ds games on 3DS]


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Product Description

Crown3ds is Revolution upgrade for 3DS, a new 3DS flashcard, released by crown team. It is the world's first real 3DS flashcard which can run 3DS games on your nintendo 3DS. With crown3ds card, you can hack your 3DS easily and then play 3DS games on your nintendo 3ds.

After several months' development and testing,crown team has been announced that they have created the world's first real 3DS flashcard--Crown3DS.
The crown team did the test and confirmed that Crown3DS was running 3DS games successfully on a V2.1.0-4 3DS console(video above). This is a great progress,and now they are trying to dump more 3DS games and do more tests, and will fix all the bugs and make sure it is working stable and compatible with all the 3DS games.
This YouTube video is showing Crown3DS running the 3DS game--Splinter cell3d.(3ds games), the capability of this game is 512MB.
Until now,crown3ds can not run all of the 3DS games because of some tech problems, so their next plan is to dump more 3DS games to enhance the Crown3DS game compatibility.





So far as we known, Until now, this item is still working progress,the official team is working hard to dump more games and do more tests.Welcome to pre-order this item !

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