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E3 ODE for PS3


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Product Description

E3 ODE has been announced by E3 team, which is the same official team with E3 Flasher or E3 Card Reader. It is a new PS3 optical drive emulator. Some demo videos have been released. It will come soon!

E3 ODE Test On PS3 4K Model (Youtube Video):

E3 ODE Features:

Support all PS3 models, including 3K and 4K versions .

Support for running HOMEBREW and E3 ODE CFW on unbreakable OFW, including 3K and 4K console .

Easy upgradable mode, allow user to update E3 ODE easily.

Support BD movie, PS1/PS2 game (In a future update)

Need boot disc to run game (same as other ODE, such as Cobra ODE )

Do not need to restart PS3 before running game every time with E3 ODE PRO (different with other ODE)

Do not need restart PS3 if switch to a new game every time with E3 ODE PRO (different with other ODE)

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