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EZ flash Vi Express/Simply Version for NDS/NDSL/NDSi V1.44


  • Model: DW-G722
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Product Description

Ez flash - Ez flash Vi (EZVi) (Simple package)

EZVi compatible with the NDSi V1.44.

Ez flash - Ez flash Vi (EZVi) Stable, Compatible

* NOPASS technology, no need to modify DS console, no harm to the console, keeps console warrant.
* Side plugin, prevent the MicroSD/SDHC suddenly drop, looks like original card
* Support official Slot2 expansion device
* Softreset reduces the damage to the power switch
* Support MicroSD/SDHC, high capacity, high speed, no speed drop.
* Direct save to MicroSD/SDHC, no more save loss.

Easy to Use

* Plug and play, no more passme
* Drag and play, no more convert software
* Easy to manage. support copy and delete
* Easy to link. support GBA/DS game linker, support single card download play.


* Vdeo player, support DPG 1.0 and 2.0
* Music play, support mp3, wav, mod
* Text reading, bookmark support
* Picture viewing, support jpg, bmp,png

Interface, operation

* Graphic user interface, what you see is what you control
* Game list with thumbnail, icon size adjustable
* Support touch screen and hot key
* Skin changeable, support skin remake


* RAM expansion, support offcial web browser
* Rumble support, strength adjustable
* GBA game support
* Light control adjustable
* Homebrew support, autoDLDI supported
* Use as a passme, boot slot2 card

What in the Box?

EZ-Flash Vi Card

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