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EZ-FLASH 3in1 Expansion Pack for EZ flash


  • Model: DW-G208
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Product Description

EZ-Flash 3in1 Expansion Pack

EZ-Flash 3in1 is compatible with DS Lite. You can play GBA homebrew with it. You can play most GBA games. You need a slot 2 flashcart to boot it, such as R4i gold 3ds, Acekard 2i, CycloDS iEvolution or M3i Zero. 

EZ-Flash 3 in1 Features

  • Rumble strength adjustable
  • Ram Expansion support official browser
  • GBA can be used as a single card
  • Full Intergrated with EZ-FLASH V series
  • 256 Mb (32 MB) of NOR Flash Memory
  • 128 Mb (16 MB) of PSRAM
  • 4 Mb (512 KB) of battery backed SRAM for save data



1. It is used on Nintendo DS/DS Lite to play GBA games, but not on GBA console. 

2. There are white and black EZ-FLASH 3 in 1 in stock. Please make a note about the color when you pay for it. If not, We will send the color randomly!

EZ-FLASH 3in1 User Guide: Play GBA games with EZ-Flash 3in1

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