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Ez-Flash Vi Standard Version for DSi, NDS, NDSL


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Product Description

EZ-FLASH Vi MicroSD/TF Slot-1 Solution

Players have been using GBA cards to play NDS games for a long time. From CF card to microSD card, it seems there are plenty of choices available. But virtually they are all based on an immature technology and they are only a compromise solution. Not only the flashing your DS to gain booting support, but also frenquent software upgrades are needed to mend the ROM for supporting new games. Those are nightmare to players who just want to fucus on games and all of these inconvenience are caused by the imperfect technology.

EZ-FLASH Vi, it beyonds 3ds flashcart!

The nightmare is becoming history now. “Flashme, Passme, Convert” will fade away from player’s life. Because a real mature SLOT-1 solution is provide by EZTEAM. EZ-FLASH V, a product using the mature SLOT-1 technology, no need “Flashme, Passme,Convert” anymore. You can focus on playing game without worrying anything. More than that, EZ-FLASH V’s multimedia function provides more choices for players.
EZ-FLASH Vi is the output of EZTEAM’s expenrience from GBA era. EZTEAM never give up to technology difficulties in the 4 years. Highly secured quality assurance, active improvements on defects, respect to the user’s opinions-all these efforts aim one goal: to satisfied the players. Only by doing this can the EZ brand survive.

* 1:1 original card size,side loading.
* Using MicroSD(Trans Flash) as external storage. cheap and variety usage.
* Direct boot, no need another boot card or flash your DS. EZ5 also can be used as bootcard.
* Moonshell integrated bootloader, direct watch DPG movie, listen MP3, read TXT book in loader.
* Bootloader can be full customized. included skin and function. bootloader sourcecode almost full opened.
* Dual read mode: CLEAN and HYBRID. CLEAN means just drag the rom to card and play. HYBRID means EZ5 supporting the modified rom for further function, include softreset and cheat. it also provides improved compatiblity, such as boost the readspeed. no lag can be feeled even you have a low speed microsd card.
* Perfect FAT system support, automatic generate saver file. multi saver function available.
* Using hardware flashchip saver. never lose your save.
* Loader upgradable
* Homebrew support, IO lib will release on launch.

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