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IPEGA LCD Alcohol Tester Analyzer Backlight for Samsung S4 i9500


  • Model: DW-SMG062
  • 260 Units in Stock

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Product Description

The IPEGA LCD Alcohol Tester Analyzer is a new brand alcohol tester for phones. It can test the alcohol content of your body by the gas you breathe before you drive a car after drinking. 


- compatible with Samsung S4 i9500, note 2 N7100, the Galaxy nexus, SONY ST25i, SONY ST26ii, HTC ONE X and other models;

- adopted a new type of gas detection technology, can more accurately detect the alcohol content of gases.

- digital and LCD color backlit screen makes detection is intuitive and effective.

- unique probe can effectively distinguish the smoke gas, coke, coffee and other non-alcoholic interference.

- have voice alarm function, the alcohol content of transfinite, buzzer alarm automatically.

- use mobile power supply, direct access to the mobile phone can be used.

- without wind, blow air into the hole, health, clean.

Colors: Black, White

Note: Please make a note which color you want when you pay for the item or email us. If you do not make any note for your require, we will send it according to our stock. 

The User Manual (instructions)

1. Will the access i9300 products, then the phone unlock, then long press switch tester, tester is a squeaking hum, LCD screen for the green and have corresponding to display at this time.

2. The state of a warm up Numbers from 10 to 0, then finish preheating process at this time.

3. when blow 10 seconds countdown,pls let mouth close  to pore under tester, and blow to air hole and exhale into sensor for 3 to 5 seconds ,

after finishing Countdown ,display screen will show the test result.if there is no detection to alcohol or alcohol content normal,the LCD screen keep green

5.If test report can reach to  the scope below ,the LCD screen change to yellow and “Caution” will show .

√0.02% BAC(or 0.2g/l)to 0.05% BAC(or 0.5g/l)

6.If test report can reach to  the scope below,LCD screen change to red and “Danger"will show, the buzzer will alarm keep alert

√over & EQUAL 0.05% BAC (or 0.5g/l)

over & EQUAL 0.08% BAC (or 0.8g/l) 


1. There often have some gas or sundries adhere to the tester sensor surface,when the tester from out of the packaging for the first time or long time no use,Need time to clean and preheating sensor.

If possible, users should press several times power switch key as soon as possible

2. Be suggested to measurement after 20 minutes later of smoking, drinking and eating.

3. It would be best to let the test time pitch last test more than 3 minutes in order to make the test results more accurately

4. Avoiding to use in a strong wind or at the most polluted environment

5. pls don't blow Cigarette Smoke , food or liquid into instrument, otherwise sensor detector will be damaged.

6. pls don't squeeze forcefully or smash this product

7. Do not drunk when driving for the safety of yourself and others pls.


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