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iPhone5 Ultrathin Mobile Power Case with Guard against Theft


  • Model: DW-IPH300
  • Shipping Weight: 0.06kg
  • 261 Units in Stock

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Product Description

The iPhone5 Ultrathin Mobile Power Case with Guard against Theft can protect your iPhone from stealing or losing. It can also charge your iPhone 5. It is lightweigh and ultrathin, which is convenient for you. 

Outstanding Features:

1. Guard against Lost: If you forget to take your iPhone 5 with 20 meters far away, the remote of this case will automatically alarm you. Therefore, we will never be annoyed by forgetting take the phone.

2. Guard against Theft: If your phone is take away for 10 meters, the remote will also alarm you .

3. Searching: If you can not find your phone when it is power off, you can press the searching button and then the power bank will alarm.


Output Voltage: 5V

Output Current: 1000mAh                                                  

Input Voltage: 5V                                                                             

Input Current: 1000mAh

Cell type: lithium-polymer battery

Cycle life: 500times                    

Operating Temperature: -10-+45℃

DC Charging Time: 6 hours                                                             

Weight: 60g

Dimension (mm):130x62x17mm

Colors: Blue, Yellow, Red

Note: Please make a note which color you want when you pay for the item or email us. If you do not make any note for your require, we will send it according to our stock. 

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