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iTouch DS (itouchDS) Card for NDS / NDSL


  • Model: DW-G474
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Product Description

Itouchds is an amazing product for those who want to download homemade games, watch movies and listen music from a PC to a NDS. You can use your PC and normal SD/TF Card Reader to transfer your movie & music files to SD/TF card. Then, insert itouchds with TF Card into NDS, and it will be available after boot up the console.
Its feature just the same as any other MP3 Player on the market but also playing the opensource/license free games, movies instead of playing music only. eg. Support playing over thousands of homebrew games.


* Plug and play, easy to use.
* 100% Game compatibility.
* Automatically detect and generate game save file.
* Built in cheat engine.
* Fully customizable skin interface.
* Supports both the Micro SDHC and MicroSD. (Capacity over 4GB)
* Supports homebrew applications.
* Supports software reset function.
* Supports Multi-Language.
* Supports Download Play.
* Single-chip solution, highest level of stability & lowest power consumption.
* Support Multi-Language: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Thai Language.
* Direct buy from factory without importer and distributor, cheapest price guarantee!

Product Package Include:
1 * iTouchDS card
1 * USB 2.0 Thumb size Micro-SD card reader

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