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M3 DS Real Perfect (M3DS Real + Rumble Pack + GBA expansion)


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Product Description

M3 DS Real Perfect (M3DS Real + Rumble Pack + GBA expansion)

Wholesale M3 DS Real Perfect (M3DS Real + Rumble Pack + GBA expansion). * 100% Game compatibility, supports clean ROM's - works on any DS

M3 DS Real Perfect (M3DS Real + Rumble Pack + GBA expansion)

* 100% Game compatibility, supports clean ROM�s - works on any DS.
* Extreme simple to use: just drag and drop files to the M3 Cart .. ..Standard FAT system.
* Supports the Micro SDHC specification, allowing for high capacity memory cards 4GB, 8GB�
* Exclusive Super Cheat Function: Fully AR Cheat Code compatible engine A Ready-Made Cheat Code database file is available for download (English, Chinese, Japanese) Support reading individual cheat code file too. (xml, cht, dht)
* Special Game features can be enabled during game playing: (such as: SlowMotion mode�)
* Software reset function
* Automatically detect game save type. (No need to provide save type database file.)
* Excellent homebrew support. DLDI auto-patcher.
* Upgradeable system. No size limitation of Flash rom.
* Robust & skinnable GUI.
* Built in PassMe (NO need to use with any boot cart/passcard etc. Support booting Slot1-NDS, Slot2-GBA, Slot2-NDS etc�)
* DirectBoot: Support directly booting games or applications.
* Supports Slot-2 expansions card. (Rumble, Ram , Browser memory and GBA Game card etc.)
* Includes a fully touch screen & button control operating system /GUI Menu.
* NDS-GBA Linkage works fine.
* The strongest media features: Build-in �Media-Ex� application + �Moonshell � media player.
i) Support playing MP3 ,OGG music & DPG /DSM / GBM movies �
ii)Super E-book function , support Word/ Txt file directly .
III)Super picture viewer function , support *.BMP, *.JPG, *.GIF, *.PNG directly.
* Built in PDA (Worldwide Time ,Memo , Note ,Phone book ,Calculator.)
* Supports Multi-Language France, Germany, Italian, Netherlands, Portuguese, Spanish�
* Supports DS sleep mode.
* Brightness adjustment within GUI.

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