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Matrix Glitcher 360


  • Model: MG360
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Product Description

Based on the GliGli Hack (a Reset type Glitch Hack), it works by sending precisely timed pulses to the console’s processor until the booting of unsigned code is successful. Once this has been achieved, XeLL, the Xenon Linux Loader is booted. It works on all versions of the X360 and X360 Slim motherboard (except Xenon motherboard) regardless of the Kernel version. It features a xilinx cpld with on board voltage switch for slim/phat consoles and a built-in jtag port to ensure current and future compatibility with the "GliGLi hack" implementation. Specifications • Booting of unsigned code on Xbox 360 and XBOX360 slim • Compatible with both X360 Phat (except Xenon) and X360 slim • Works with all X360 NAND programmers • Compatible with all X360 kernel versions • Quick installation (7 Wires on Slim or 6 Wires on Phat) • Compact PCB size with easy to solder pads. • Booting of X360 unsigned code within max of 2 minutes • Matrix Design and Quality • Budget pricing

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