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MT Card for 3DS Games Play Multi-roms

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Product Description

MT Card is in stock now! It can play multiple 3DS roms in one MicroSD card. is an official reseller!

Note: It only supports 3DS/3DS XL ver. 4.1.0-4.5.0. If your 3DS/3DS XL version is higher than 4.5.0, R4i 3DS gold card is a good choice to play DS roms. 

Good News:

MT card Software Ver2.1 released,bringing the latest dump function and file conversion function.(2014-10-09)

1. Save file backup function.

2.     Restore save file function.

3.    3DS game cartridge dump function.

4.    File conversion (sav to zav).

5.    File conversion (zav to sav).

MT card Hardware Ver2.0 & Software Ver2.0 released.MT cards  Support SaveEdit, Support EXfat format MicroSD card, up to 128GB,Homebrew support,Enhance menu selection, ROMs display is more intuitive.(2014-09-03)

MT card Hardware Ver1.3 & Software Ver1.2 released. MT card update supports  eshop games, and fixes the problem with low speed Micro SD card which causes animal crossing and pokemon X/Y games can not be played.(2014-04-16)

MT-card  new software 1.2 released tested working for Pokemon x and Pokemon Y (2014-04-07)

MT card Hardware Ver1.2 released with supporting animal crossing, pokemon XY(2014-04-02)

MT card Hardware Ver1.1 & Software V1.1 released:(2014-02-28)

1)Improve the compatibility of MT card with TF card

2)Support runing high version game Rom

3)Support NAND-emulate system ver 7.1.0

4)Support official carts region free

5)Support NAND backup6)Support ESHOP


How to Set up MT-Card 3DS to Play multi-rom/3DS Games, click here

MT Blue card file  [Download] (2014-01-02)   

3DS SD card file  [Download] (2014-01-02)  

MT Card User manual, click here.  (2014-01-02) 


MT Card Features:

1)Support 3DS series consoles (System Version 4.1 to 4.5)

2) Hardware design of flexible, build-in CPU with card, upgradable new functions via USB.

3) Support multiROM, support SDHC card, support up to 256 games, selecting game in Menu or by pressing key.

4) Support FAT32, drag and drop, no need of diskimager.

5) Save to TF directly, no need of pressing home to backup SAVE.

6) Support SaveEditor, NAND-emulate and Card-dump soon.


The following features will be supported soon via USB upgrade:

1)Support Animal Crossing ,Pokemon XY

2)Support NAND-emulate

3)Support SaveEditor

4)Support Screenshot

5)Support backup your own cartridges

6)More humanized functions


MT-Card Package:

1 x MT 3DS Card (Yellow card)

1 x MT Card (Blue card)


3DS Flash cards List for Playing 3DS Roms:

R4i gold 3DS Deluxe Edition (Cheap and from famous team)

Gateway 3DS Card (First flash card for playing 3DS roms)

3DS Link (Not available)

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