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PS3 Break V1.2 + power switch for ps3


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Product Description

PS3 break V1.2 can work on PS3 v.3.5 console now! We are one of the PS3 break official sellers.We promise all of our items are originally from PS3 break official team.
We always provide the high quality items,fast shipping and great after-sale service.Of course we can send the item to any places all over the world.After we receive your order,we will send the item asap,and you will receive the tracking number in 24 hours.

Revolution product named PS3 break V1.2 is released which is powerful to break through all the barriers of ps3 and makes your ps3 console work perfectly with free games!


It's more exquisite in design, more stable in performance and more reliable in quality. Undoubtedly, which will be welcomed by more and more PS3 games fanciers all over the world for its extraordinary design, superior functionality and excellent quality The most exciting attraction is its upgrade key, more striking visual perception and more outstanding performance.

The PS3break V1.2 Upgradebable firmware absolutely! The key "Upgrade" for software upgrading and avoids to be blocked by SONY.Users can also upgrade the updated software through computer.Reading speed will be 2 times faster and it makes users to play more smoothly.PS3 Break, revolutionary, the inventory are being sold worldwide now! It is powerful to break through all PS3 barriers, perfectly supports.

PS3 Break's powerful R&D team will provide users with excellent services for software upgrading and technical support. 

Supported by official ,we committed to providing customers with competitive quality products at reasonable prices.
is item is shipped via DHL/EMS/UPS/HKPOST
If you get the item for Free shipping : PS3 break v1.2 + Power Switch (click here) -- $25.49

    PS3break V1.2 Key Feature:

  • * PS3break V1.2 Upgradeable firmware absolutely
  • * No need original PS3 BD booting-disc
  • * No need unplug external hardisk
  • * The key "Upgrade" for software upgrading and avoids to be blocked by SONY. Users can also upgrade the updated software through computer.
  • * Reading speed will be 2 times faster and it makes users to play more smoothly.
  • * Games can be copied and saved to internal or external hard disk, in this way, the expensive blue-ray driver and disc can be abandoned.
  • * Plug & play USB port, the installation will be finished in a few seconds.
  • * Homebrew software is supported.
  • * Simple and clear illustrations will guide you to install step by step.
  • * PS3 Break is compatible with all fat and slim model.
  • Additional Features :
  • Support Upgrade function by press the upgrade key (With Firmware V1.1 )of the item.
  • Support Playing PS3 games directly without any booting – disc.
  • Welcome to use more friendly interface firmware: Open Manager V1.143
    • -- Option to run games directly without exit to XMB
    • -- You can now use left arrow and right arrow for page-down and page-up functionality in game list.
    • -- Free space will be shown below each device and notice that depending on the amount the unit will change  to GB,MB,KB or B.

PS3break Burner file new update on oct.22,2010

This new update is well favored by PS3 gamers for its outstanding performance and powerful features



● New Address 0x80000000007ff000 end of the payload at the end of the Kernel 
● Added support sys-call 8 with Stealth
● Support for Homebrew in / apps_home/PS3_GAME similar to a flash drive or connected on / 
● Sys-call redirection 36 games to run diskless / apps_home/PS3_GAME

The highlight of the firmware for ps3 break v1.2 new update:

  • I)、 Integrate code of "Hermes V3 + Patch Waninkoko + 2 Fix Update Math + Fix Update Hermes by"
  • II)、Support online games update.
  • III)、Fix more games issues.
  • IV)、List of PS3 Games confirmed working and update over Internet:
    • - Dead Rising 2
    • - EyePet
    • - FIFA 11
    • - GOW 3
    • - GTA 4
    • - Guitar Hero World Tour
    • - Heavy Rain
    • - Killzone 2
    • - Little Big Planet
    • - Mafia II
    • - Modern Warfare
    • - Modnation Racers
    • - NFL 11
    • - NFS Shift
    • - NHL 11
    • - Pro Evo 11
    • - Ratchet & Clank Crank In Time
    • - Sports Championships
    • - Street Fighter 4
    • - Super Street Fighter 4
    • - Tiger Woods + Move Update
    • - Uncharted
    • - Uncharted 2
    • - Wipeout HD Fury
  • V)、 Unsupported games, not found yet.

How to setup(install) the ps3break V1.2 ?

Please follow the Instructions of the official

Where can I download the newest kernel for my ps3break ?

You can download the kernel at

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