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PS3 Move Gun


  • Model: DW-P3-GUN
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Product Description

PS3 Move Gun

Gun Attachment allows you to use your Playstation Move Motion Controller in a more natural fashion when playing shooting games compatible with the Playstation Move system. 

PS3 Move Gun Shooter Pistol for PS3 Move Control Motion Controller,Perfect for arcade style shooting games in PS MOVE technology

PS3 Move gun is with Light weight and ergonomic design,Ideal for hours of play,Realistic best gaming experience

The design is particularly interesting and certainly not something we'd have expected Sony to come up with. With the ball on the end of the Move lighting up blue when the trigger is pulled, I can see little no neck monsters running about the house at night with this thing, firing it at walls, mum, dad and the (petrified) cat more often than focusing on the TV screen.

How to use PS3 Move Gun:
1. Unlock the button of PS3 Move Gun and uncover the controller lid
2. Insert PS3 Move controller into the corresponding area of PS3 Move Gun. Lock the lid to fix the controller

Get your Move on
The PlayStation Move gives PlayStation 3 gamers a new way to play and interact with their PlayStation 3. The Move is actually broken into three separate parts; the motion controller, sub-controller and the PlayStation Eye camera.

The PlayStation Move Motion Controller and PlayStation Eye Camera
The Move Motion Controller contains advanced motion sensors such as a three-axis accelerometer, a three-axis gyroscope and a terrestrial magnetic field sensor to measure your movements and motions which are translated into on screen movements and commands.

The colour changing sphere on the end of the controller is tracked by the PlayStation Eye and by using the power of the PlayStation 3 it detects the movements, angle and the absolute position in 3D space, to add to the accuracy.

PlayStation Move Sub-Controller
This newly announced part of PlayStation Move is a one handed controller that further expands the interaction that you can experience with PlayStation Move titles.

The sleek design makes the Sub-controller easy and comfortable to use. But for those who still enjoy buttons, the Sub-contoller comes with an analog stick and directional buttons to move characters and navigate menus.

Moving to the beat
At this point there are 36 third party developers and publishers gearing up to support the PlayStation Move, but what they are working on is still under wraps.

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