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PS3 USER CHEAT (PS3usercheat) V1.0 - Official Reseller


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Product Description

Note: The PS3 User Cheat has been stopped produing. A new PS3 user cheat driver, PS3 Code Unique 3, is available. 

PS3 user cheat Functionality

PS3USERCHEAT is an another revolutionary product from PS3BREAK TEAM, used WORLD NEW TECHNOLOGY. Meanwhile it is also the world's first dongle that supports PS3 game roms and PS3 AR cheat perfectly. That is to say, when you use it, you don't need to buy the expensive genuine blu-ray game CD, just need to have some free game roms. You will be invincible in the game because of special effects while simultaneously have never experienced such extraordinary feeling.

PS3usercheat KEY Functions:

# A unique global cheat dongle for 3.55 cfw
# support game rom without the genuine blu-ray game CD.
# support AR cheat function, perfect effects include "infinite energy, the strongest equipment, never game over"
# 100% upgradeable, Compatible with all PS3 models – Fat and Slim.
# Onboard SLC NANDFLASH Memory of 128MB. 
# High speed 32 bit CPU processor clocked at 500MHz
# fully updatable via USB on your Windows PC using a very simple and intuitive process.
# A microSDHC slot is inbuilt which supports up to 32GB for future expansion.
# regularly updated to provide our users with the latest features at no extra cost.
# Simple step-by-step guide available on the site will show you how to use and install CHT dongle and our support team will assist you with any problems you may encounter along the way.
# Easy-to-use software for backing up, managing, and playing games from external USB Hard Drive or the internal Hard Drive your PS3.
# Playing games from HDD gives you loads of benefits, including faster loading times and reduced strain on the lens of the Bluray drive of your PS3.

As the PS3usercheat official Distributors based on Germany ,we promise all of our items are originally from .For any help & problems, please mail us to freely ,and we will try our best to reply in time.

This item is shipped via Registered air mail(Free shipping),we can ship the PS3usercheat to Germany,USA,UK,CA,AU,Austria,France,Bulgaria,Spain,Italy,Norway,Sweden,Netherlands,Japan etc countries worldwide. we'll send the tracking number to you in 12 hours if we've received your orders.





Special reminder: CHT dongle in manufacturer default is for SLIM console. If is FAT console, please update the CHT dongle firmware, otherwise it does not work properly.

How to update for FAT console?CHT dongle

step 1: download the update file(Extraction file "update.bin", don't change the file name).
step 2: insert CHT dongle into the computer, can show that a removable disk drive.
step 3: copy update.bin to the root of a removable disk drive.
step 4: Safely Remove removable disk.
step 5: insert CHT dongle into the computer again. After a few second, it is complete and update.bin file will go away automatically. Now it can work correctly for FAT console.


How to go back in manufacturer default?CHT dongle

Very simple, download another update file(Extraction file "update.bin", don't change the file name). Repeat above steps. (step 2 to step 5)

  • Q: Is CHT dongle easy to install?
  • A: installs in seconds without the need of opening up your PS3.
  • Q: How to use CHT dongle?CHT dongle
  • A: When CHT Dongle working properly, dongle built-in program named "Code Manager" will guide you to start the game.
  • Q: CHT dongle support upgrades?
  • A: 100% Upgradeable,Compatible with all PS3 models – Fat and Slim.
  • Q: What is the warranty?
  • A: PS3break is sold with 1 year warranty. All our resellers will take care of warranty issues.
  • Q: How to get started in GAME section?
  • A: To start the game, a leading disc is needed for loading the PS3 games by inserting any original BD game disc into the drive of the PS3.
  • Q: which version of ps3 firmware will this work?
  • A: CHT dongle only work with firmware version 3.41. If is above 3.41, downgrade your PS3 with it. no need to buy another jailbreak devices.
  • Q: If PS3 is above 3.41, What should I do?
  • A: It will similarly be used as PS Downgrade dongle, you can downgrade your consoles firmware to 3.41.
  • Q:How to downgrade FW3.55/3.50 to 3.41?
  • A:
    step 1: download the downgrade file(Extraction file "downgrade.bin", don't change the file name).CHT dongledowngrade.rar
    step 2: insert CHT dongle into the computer, can show that a removable disk drive.
    step 3: copy downgrade.bin to the root of a removable disk drive.
    step 4: Safely Remove removable disk. now this is downgrade mode. Delete the "downgrade.bin", it will recover to the common mode.
    step 5: for more information, please refer to the following URL.(

    3.55 to 3.41                 3.50 to 3.41
    CHT dongleLv2diag_355.rar CHT dongleLv2diag_350.rar
    CHT dongle355downgrade341.rar CHT dongle350downgrade341.rar
  • Q:Does it support this way which play genuine games with it?
  • A: supporting completely.
  • Q: Are there any special provisions using it with PS3 Fat and Slim?
  • A:Yes, it specify that for SLIM console, plug CHT dongle into the far left USB port, for FAT console, plug CHT dongle into the far right USB port.

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