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PS4KIT PS4 PSN Gamesharing ModChip


  • Model: PS4KIT
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Product Description

PS4KIT is a hardware modification for PS4 and the new generation of PS4 game sharing tool. It allows groups of friends to share games between their PS4s with no limitation. In other words, one of your friends buys a (digital) game on the PSN through a shared account, then the whole group can play the game on their own PS4. It offers compatibility with PS4 1000 / 1100 / 1200 / Slim and Pro models. If you want to play more shared account games on your PS4 console, PS4KIT is your best choice.



Compatible with Models PS4 10 / 11 / 12 / Slim / Pro

Cracked for PS4 modify chip

Easy Install - Only 6 wires to be soldered

Compatible with the latest 4.72 Firmware system update

Simple to use - Easily share PSN accounts to unlock games with your friends

Allows you to move your downloaded games to your hard drive

Note: The PS4KIT will require some good soldering skill, and a significant amount of trust with your friends.

Official site:

PS4KIT User Guide

Package content

1 x PS4KIT PS4 PSN Gamesharing ModChip

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